Need for Emergency Preparedness

Imagine preventing a health crisis, not just responding to them. The modern era has witnessed several existential crisis over the decades, threatening survivability of the human race and raising many questions about humanity's ability to build resilience, reserves and capacities to meet anticipated risks.


Zentry Entry/ Exit Body Temperature Detection System

The system allows you to accurately detect precise body temperature upto ±0.3℃ using Binocular Infrared Camera, Facial Recognition, support of latest technologies in real time but with ZERO Human contact.

Medical Aspect

Temperature measurement for Virus detection

Facial Recognition

Easy to manage current and future community health situation

Stranger Verification

24H continuous support to track and monitor to avoid the accidental infections


Zentry Entry/ Exit Body Temperature Detection System supports surveillance in real time and can be most effectively used across a variety of locations including Hospitals, Corporate Parks, Schools & Universities, Malls, Metro Stations, Cinemas, Residential/ Commercial buildings, Factories and more. Its easy Data Management system is tailored to suit specific needs and generate reports to identify, secure premises and contain any health crisis around your work/ home/ public environments.


Facial Scanning
Temperature data upload
Real Time Surveillance
Customized Reports
Suited for a variety of public/ private environments
About US

Introduced in India by Adfinity Global

About US

Introduced in India by Adfinity Global

At the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, ADFINITY GLOBAL offers IOT, ML and AI enabled path-breaking comprehensive solutions for effective brand promotion and marketing. Zentry is the company’s latest foray into advanced technology offerings.

We deliver a range of technologically advanced digital OOH solutions that make your brand communication fun & rewarding while delivering the ultimate value on your advertising investments.